#Nurture1415: my contribution

My best bits from 2014.

1. Becoming a father

My darling daughter Erin joined the world in May. The last 7 and a bit months have been an amazing adventure, she’s brought a new perspective to my world and made me less tolerant of the frustrations I’ve felt for some time and I’ve acted accordingly. She and my wife Ros continue to be the driving force for everything I do.

2. The GCSE results for 2014.

Imagine being head of Maths at a school in one of the most socially deprived parts of England. Now imagine outperforming national averages and being the only school in your borough whose results improved in terms of attainment and progress. That felt pretty good.

3. Blogging

Is it wrong to say one of the highlights of my year was attention seeking? Oh ok then. But only in a well intentioned sort of way. I’m only just getting started but the recognition I’ve had has been heartwarming. When someone tells you that you should write a book you know you’re on to a winner.

4. Seeing protégés flourish.

You know who you are. I couldn’t have got to where I am without you, but I hope I’ve helped you on the way too!

5. Meeting and learning from the Twitterati (Name drop alert).

From a whistle stop tour of KSA to see Bruno Reddy; working with Mark McCourt and Jo Morgan; listening to and learning from Kris Boulton and David Thomas; sticking up for Andrew Smith; Mel Muldowney, Ed Southall, Martin Noon, Steve Cavadino and Jo Morgan (again) helping me with Behind the Mathematician and more; Tom Bennett throwing me to the MFL wolves; even David Didau giving me a nod; chewing the fat with many, many others; and, most importantly Kayleigh Blackburn once again putting up with my eccentric methods for another year: I say thank you to all of you. You made being a Maths leader in 2014 a much easier job.

So what about 2015?

1. New Horizons

New school, new role, new potentials. Can’t wait.

2. Health

I had some pretty shocking news about my health this week. It’s not as worrying as what it might have been, but it means I’ve got to start looking after myself. Good job I started the Healthy Teacher Project then.

3. Writing

I love writing. I love capturing people’s interests and I will continue voicing my ideas and opinions. And, from next week, there’ll be some changes this way. All will be revealed…

4. Resolution

Mindfulness. Paying more attention to my decisions in all respects, and dedicating myself more consciously to what goes on in my day to day life.

5. Family

From early days to a developed routine. Erin already has so much personality and inquisitiveness I can’t wait to see her grow up in 2015. It’ll have challenges all of itself, but I’m looking forward to the roller coaster.

So, there you have it.

Happy new year,



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