Interventions AKA Helping Students

Proper intervention advice.

Class Teaching

At our INSET day on Friday, Andy Tharby and I spoke about interventions.  We wanted to clarify what we understood by the term intervention.  The most important point we wanted to stress was that interventions are not an add on – it’s what we do to support students who are getting really stuck with their learning i.e. it’s about great teaching.  We could have just as easily called the presentation:

Responsive teaching


Knowing your students


Noticing Students


Helping Students

So it’s about noticing when students are stuck and making some adjustments to our  teaching, to address this….and unstick them.

iv1This diagram sums it up.  We have adapted the idea of ‘waves of intervention’ to help teachers scaffold and plan their support for students.  When thought of in this way, the majority of intervention will take place through high quality, responsive teaching that makes up our day to day practice.  Following this, you might…

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