Headaches Across the Curriculum: what’s the point in whole-school numeracy?

Until I Know Better

In September I saw this photo and hurried to send it to another teacher in our department so that I wouldn’t be alone in my wailing and gnashing of teeth.

 numeracy argh

Bless the teacher who made it; she is clearly working hard to accord with (what seems to be) a misguided whole-school policy on literacy and numeracy. Even a cursory search on Twitter/edu-blogs throws up a host of similar policies and initiatives, all of which have two shared features:

  • They do a lot to raise the visibility of literacy and numeracy as ‘a thing we do in our school’
  • They seem very unlikely to raise students’ standards of literacy or numeracy, but do seem to be eating into subject time (i.e. they may be actively harmful)

I find this baffling and assume that it is driven by the twin desires to conform to the Ofsted framework and to ensure that…

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