Rebloggable: 14th November 2014

Spreading the love for brilliant blogs, every week…



Maths Teaching

The “I was never good at maths” mindset has met its match. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Bruno Reddy. Oh, and he still doesn’t follow me; I don’t take it personally…

General Education

An interesting thinkpiece by David Didau on the Fundamental Attribution Error and how it impacts on our appraisal of teachers.


This is an oldie but a goodie. I’m a huge fan of Sir David Brailsford and the work he’s done to raise the game for British Cycling, Team Sky and the sport in general. Here’s his views on developing a British sporting utopia. Ideas applicable across any field.

And Finally…

Do any of you read Lifehacker? You should do. The American site is better than the British derivative.

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