Movin’ On

Time for an update on my circumstances.

I’ve been Head of Maths at my current school for over two years. Prior to that I was Head of Maths/Subject Specialist at another school for three. In other words, I’ve been a leader in Maths for over five years.

I’ve had a lot of success – tangible and intangible – in that time, and as a result I’ve started to develop a bit of a reputation in local maths teaching circles. Consequently, I felt that it was time for me to take the next step in my career and take up a role wider than my present one.

That role came into view last month – through a set of bizarre events – and I’ve taken it up.

I’ll be honest, I’ve cut it extremely fine in terms of the October deadline, and I’ve not put myself in good favour with my SLT, but in terms of personal and professional progression it’s something I felt I had to do.

My role will be multi-faceted. I’ll continue teaching Maths; I’ll be part of the directorship team for my ‘base’ school (more on this in a sec), focusing on teaching and learning in Mathematics; finally I’ll be working as a consultant across a group of schools across a foundation, working to raise standards across 3 departments and collaborating with one other.

Both I and my present school are lucky in the sense that I’ve got a ready made successor in the wings, that she and I have already got models in places in terms of curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment that mean that it shouldn’t be too much of a transition between us, and that results are set to be on the up.

A number of readers will probably think that leaving at Christmas is not ideal in terms of the impact on students. My counter would be that there’s no ideal time to leave a school, and though Christmas is less favourable than Summer, it’s better than Easter!

I never make decisions lightly, and I’ve always put students first in my decisions career-wise, but considering I’ve now got a family to think about and the time I’ve been a leader in Maths, my perspective has had to change.

It won’t change my No. 1 priority: helping students become successful in Maths – it just means I’ll be doing it in a different place and in different ways with a wider scope for impact.


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