Rebloggable: 31st October 2014

Spreading the love for brilliant content, every week…


I’m covering construction and loci with my Y11s over the next couple of weeks. Don Steward posted this over 5 years ago. It’s still brilliant.

Maths Teaching

Mr Gale took a look into Forming and Solving Equations recently. I’ll be honest, it’s one of those topics that is taught pretty poorly. Some cracking ideas here.

General Education

If you haven’t read Scenes From The Battleground already, @oldandrewuk has curated his blog to summarise his whole philosophy. Cutting through the hype and hypocrisy, one post at a time.


I’m not 100% on Ross Morrison McGill’s bandwagon but I do agree with much of what he says. This post on marking, for example.

And Finally…

Why should you be a teacher? @srcav tells you why.


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