Clicky Goodness: William Emeny’s GCSE ‘Web’

The ‘Clicky Goodness’ series is my attempt to highlight work by people that I think will make the greatest positive impact on the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Not necessarily the freshest, and most up-to-date, but certainly the most well thought out and researched work out there on the web.

I start off this series with one of the most thought-provoking pieces I’ve seen in recent years.


William Emeny, like me, is a great believer in evangelising the gospel of Mathematics education. However, unlike me, he’s a creator too.

In his blog post, ‘You’ve Never Seen The GCSE Curriculum Like This Before’ – Emeny showed the results of an extensive analysis of the interconnections between the various elements of the GCSE Mathematics curriculum.

Why does it matter?

Because it emphasises the fact that well all know and keep trying to get others to acknowledge. Concrete knowledge of basic arithmetic underpins everything else that students study at GCSE. Weakness in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division negatively impacts the rest of the ‘web’. You might think, ‘well, duh’ – but it’s funny how a number of teachers try to carry on regardless.

Many teachers are using Emeny’s framework to rightly justify the need for a mastery curriculum in KS3 and beyond. Even if you choose not to follow this plan – Emeny’s web should be the starting point of curriculum design for any department in my eyes.


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